The workshop will discuss the current status of the Belle II SVD and PXD detectors, and in particular the common aspects of both systems. The workshop starts on Monday at 09:00 and ends on Wednesday at 18:00. There will be combined SVD/PXD plenary sessions on Monday and Wednesday, and SVD and PXD parallel sessions on Tuesday.

The workshop will take place February 04-06, 2013, in the village of WETZLAR in Germany. Wetzlar is known as the location of the book The sorrows of young Werther [ebook] by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (ebook is provided free as part of the Gutenberg Project).

Famous in Wetzlar are also the optical precisions instrument companies LEITZ and LEICA.



The workshop will take place in then Rittal Arena.

Rittal Arena Wetzlar
Wolfgang-Kühle-Str. 1
35576 Wetzlar

The conference location is directly located at the Wetzlar train station (only 3 min walking distance). If you arrive by car, you may use free parking (see "Travel Information" in the menu on the left).

Please use the VIP entrance. The conference rooms are on the 2nd floor. The lunch (buffet style on Monday and Wednesday) will be provided on the 1st floor, where you also have a view to the complete arena. We will have a 30 min guided tour in the arena on the 2nd day. The conference dinner will be a "Hessian buffet" and Hessian beer from tap, also in the same location, directly after the session on Tuesday (on that day there will be no lunch buffet, but instead sandwiches).

Starts 4 Feb 2013 08:00
Ends 6 Feb 2013 18:00
  • Dr. Lange, Sören